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Express Entry Updates: Canada Takes Steps To Invite More Doctors To Get PR Status

Express Entry Updates: Canada Takes Steps To Invite More Doctors To Get PR Status

After recently updating its NOC 2021, the Canadian government has launched an initiative for doctors and healthcare professionals. Currently, the country is experiencing a shortage of qualified doctors and physicians, leading to a 6% job vacancy rate in the healthcare sector. The immigration ministry has announced positive changes in the Express Entry system, making getting PR in Canada much more straightforward for doctors and healthcare workers. 

Doctors that want to immigrate to Canada can apply through the Federal Skilled Worker Program and Canadian Experience Class Program

Why Does Express Entry Update Matter for Doctors? 

Doctors working in Canada usually have difficulty qualifying under the Express Entry Program. Foreign-trained doctors must undergo many challenges to enter the Canadian workforce. 

The biggest challenge is that many doctors work on a Fee-For-Service model, which makes them self-employed. 

Express Entry disqualifies self-employed doctors that worked for less than a year in Canada to get PR status. 

Another major challenge is to clear the Medical Council of Canada qualifying exams divided into Part 1 and Part 2, followed by postgraduate training. 

Moreover, foreign-trained doctors need to attain medical credentials recognized by the relevant regulatory body at a provincial level. Both processes can be complex and may require additional assessments. 

Further, the competition for various medical posts in Canada is cutthroat, making foreign-trained doctors hard to find jobs. 

All of this can significantly impact their chances of getting PR.  If you are a skilled worker looking to migrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, learn more about your opportunities. 

What are the Changes Made To Express Entry? 

The Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Minister Sean Fraser recently announced that doctors and healthcare providers would receive a necessary exemption, following which they can apply for the Federal Express Entry System. The system with a six-month processing time was not previously available for doctors who were seen as self-employed.

Sean Fraser, in a statement, said – “Foreign-born physicians have been helping to keep families healthy and to take care of our aging population. Their skills are critical resources in our community, and it does not take long before they become our neighbours, friends, and fellow community leaders. The measures announced today signal to these physicians that we want them to stay by making it easier for them to choose Canada as their permanent home,”

Fraser also said the federal government would motivate provinces to speed up the process of upgrading professionals to be able to work here. That is because the regulation to practice medicine only happens in the provinces and territories. To achieve the target, up to $90 million will be invested in different projects that will remove the barriers and open access to the Canadian workforce for many qualified professionals. 

Other than relaxing the measures and easing the process of immigration for doctors, the country is trying to attract and retain healthcare workers. As of June 2022, over 4,300 PR were appointed under the healthcare section by the government. Since 2015, over 22,400 professionals have gotten their PR through Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Program

How Doctors and Healthcare Professionals Can Immigrate To Canada? 

Foreign-trained doctors must get an approved medical degree recognized under the World Directory of Medical Schools. Then they need credentials verified by the Medical Council of Canada and acquire an Education Credential Assessment (ECA) report. After verification, candidates must secure the ECA report from 

The process is long and challenging. However, Bilimoria & Associate can help you through each step to immigrating to Canada. From finding out which province will be best for you to reside to guiding you through getting all approvals done and selecting the suitable program, B & A is there to assist.   

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