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How To Choose An Immigration Consultant: Moving To Canada 

Choose An good canada Immigration Consultant

Immigrating to Canada from India can be an exciting process. Whether you want to study, work, or invest in Canada, a reliable immigration consultant can make your dream come true. Moving to Canada will probably be the best and most significant decision you will be taking, and the first step is to find the best immigration consultant. 

Who Is An Immigration Consultant?

Immigration consultants or agents are educated and equipped to help you immigrate from one country to another. These consultants offer the best advice and service on legal and documentation processes based on the thorough knowledge updated by the Immigration department. They also guide you through immigration, including planning, paperwork, quality check and submission of an application for a successful outcome.  

The process can get complicated, especially for getting the Express Entry or Federal Skilled Worker Program to Canada. And hence, having a trusted immigration consultant is a must. A consultant can answer queries about immigration, visa and citizenship processes in Canada. 

Job Responsibilities of Immigration Consultant

The top job responsibilities of an immigration consultant will include the following:

  • Reviewing clients’ opportunities of getting a visa approved.
  • Assisting clients with the best suitable program based on their credentials. 
  • Preparing them to clear visa interviews.
  • Helping clients with getting the paperwork done.
  • Examining and ensuring paperwork is accurate and error-free.
  • Talking with the Canadian government on the client’s behalf, if needed. 
  • Keep the client updated about their application status.
  • Assisting them in every step of immigration to Canada, which covers. 
  • Express Entry
  • Permanent Residency
  • Investment Visas
  • Family Sponsorship 
  • Studying/Working in Canada and more

Top Factors To Consider When Choosing An Immigration Consultant

Experience: When looking for top immigration consultants, settle for an experienced agency. The amount of experience brings along expertise. They know better about the legalities, documentation, costs, timelines and more about the moving process. Bilimoria & Associate has about three decades of experience helping people immigrate to other countries. 

Background Check: Do a background check of the consultant you want to deal with. Visit their office, and check google reviews. Although many consultants will claim to offer the best services, you can only get a sense of their expertise by getting a thorough background check. It is also essential to check their website and understand the company’s goals, mission and values. 

Credentials: Checking the consultant’s credentials is probably the most essential part of the process. Apart from knowing the consultant’s education and professional background, you must also see if they collaborate with government officials. For example, Bilimoria & Associate liaise with the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Canadian Bar Association members. CPTLS helps to achieve a great success rate on every visa for Canada submitted to the immigration department.

Guidance: Undivided attention and guidance is another vital factor when seeking the best immigration consultancy. A reliable consultant will look at each aspect of your profile. It includes job roles, financial elements, and other requirements. They will never make false promises if your profile does not sound promising. So, ask as many questions as possible about your profile and get their thorough opinion. 

Cost: Immigration is a sensitive issue; unfortunately, many unknowledgeable customers fall prey to scams. That’s why it becomes crucial to check every aspect of the company, including the costs. Have a clear conversation about the cost of processing the visa and what fee they will charge. It is an excellent idea to get everything in writing to avoid future consequences. Any reliable immigration consultant will clearly explain the approximate cost without hidden charges.  

Tips To Avoid Possible Scams

  • Never agree to give false information even if the consultant asks you to do so.
  • Do not fall for any consultant that guarantees to get visa approval. 
  • Always carry only photocopies of original copies of documents. 
  • Never sign anything without thoroughly reading the contract/documents.
  • Always ask for a receipt for any payment you make to the consultant. 
  • Avoid signing any blank cheques or documents.
  • Always follow up with the consultant on your application. 

Choose The Immigration Consultant in Chennai To Move To Canada

These are essential factors to consider before selecting the best immigration consultant in India. Bilimoria & Associate is a well-known and reputed immigration consultant that offers professional services. It has over three decades of experience helping people move to Canada smoothly. Some popular Canadian immigration programs include:   

You can choose your program based on your profile, or Bilimoria & Associate can help you find a suitable program. Experts at B & A can meticulously look into your profile and guide you on how to immigrate to Canada. 

Please send your resume to or call us at +99 44 2822 7222 / 2823 9229 / 4350 8191 for consultation and appointment. 

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