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United Kingdom has changed its immigration law with number of important changes that have been made to the UK visa points based system since 1 December 2020 ahead of the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December 2020.

The Tier 2 visa has been replaced with the Skilled Worker visa and Intra-Company Transfer visa scheme towards processing an application.

The previous policy had implemented a point-based system for non-European Union migrants wishing to come to the UK to work and study.  

The new  points-based visa system previously 5 tier visa system is the main UK immigration route for migrants to come to the United Kingdom to study, work or train and make UK their permanent home.

The new UK visa points system is in many ways very comparable to the previous four tiers points based immigration system. 

For an applicant to qualify and find the eligibility the applicant should pass a points-based assessment. In Skilled Worker visa applications, and should have the points to qualify.

An e applicant is sponsored by an employer, is paid on the present salary structure and meets the English language requirements, the applicant should also fulfil the financial requirement to qualify under the Skilled Worker visa.

The applicant must obtain the required points score above a minimum threshold to qualify.  The minimum number of points required varies for each UK visa category.


The following are the new visa categories based on UK visa points based system:

TIER 1 VISA:  This visa category is for 'HIGH-VALUE" applicants to qualify under the investor migrants program and should be able to invest £2 million in the UK towards obtaining the Permanent Residence visa. 

UK WORK VISA:  This is for 'SKILLED WORKERS' from outside the European Economic Area (EEA)  with a job offer in the UK. 

It comprises the Skilled Worker visa category for applicants who are transferred to the UK by an international company, ministers of religion and sportspeople. 

TIER 3 VISA : This category is for ‘LOW-SKILLED WORKERS’ filling specific temporary labour shortages which is no longer exists. 

The Government never allocated any visas under this scheme.  

STUDENT VISA: This category is for ‘OVERSEAS STUDENTS’  wish to study in the UK. Applicants must have an admission at a registered UK educational institution before they can apply for their overseas Student visa. 

TIER 5 VISA : This category contains six sub-tiers of  ‘TEMPORARY WORKER’ including creative and sporting, charity, religious workers. 

The applicant should meet the minimum age requirement on the flexibility scheme which enables about 55,000 new applicants to qualify every year to work in the UK on working holidays.


The other UK Tier visa system includes mostly the workers, students, and investment visas.  The visitor visas, family visas, and some UK business visas fall outside of the five Tiers.

UK VISITOR VISAS:  Under this visa class, the application applies with  information to enter the UK as a visitor, whether for business or pleasure. 

UK FAMILY VISAS:  Under this visa class, the applicant makes an application to join the family to the UK, and this visa class mainly for the families that have been sponsored by a family member. 

UK BUSINESS VISAS:  Under this visa class, the applicant can process on a long term business visas which fall outside of the UK visa points based system.

We work with Immigration Lawyers who are known for professionalism, who have been associated with our company for many years and lodge applications for a successful outcome and having principal office in UK

We can guide you and assist in the preparation of your immigration visa requirements which needs our continuous support.

You can contact us at or call our office at  +91 44 2823 9229  / 4350 8191 /  2822 7127 / 2822 7222  for consultation or an appointment.


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