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Country Wise Australian Immigrant Population – Indians Leads The Way


Australia is a beautiful and peace-loving country. The country has been a top destination for immigrants worldwide, featuring natural beauty, an excellent education system and a pleasant climate. Australia is also one of the most welcoming countries for migrants and has some straightforward and uncomplicated regulations for getting permanent residency. It is known for the visa class under General Skilled Migration (GSM) where many prospective applicants have migrated to Australia. This program offers fantastic opportunities for skilled workers, especially Indians, to immigrate to Australia and enjoy a high employment rate, higher wages, economic freedom and excellent quality of life and facilities. 

Ever since 1945, when Australia introduced its first federal immigration portfolio, more than 7.5 million people have immigrated to Australia. The overseas-born resident population is about 28.2 per cent, which is higher than most other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. Until 2006, India was behind the United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, Italy and Vietnam in terms of immigrating population. However, India has leapfrogged all countries except the United Kingdom and has become the 2nd largest migrant group for Australia. Indians today comprise 3% of the total Australian population, about 7.21 Lakhs. 

Country Wise Australian Immigrant Population 

Country Estimated Immigrants 
The United Kingdom1,200,000 
People’s Republic of China650,640
New Zealand564,840
South Africa200,240
Sri Lanka146,950

Source: Australian Government Department of Home Affairs

The table shows that skilled migrants from India and professionals are highly sought after in Australia. There are several occupations and employment in demand for Indian skilled workers. The Indian diaspora offers Australia an economic and diplomatic boost, apart from cultural links. That is why the Australian Government welcomes Indian immigrants to take up permanent residency.

What Changes Post Covid?

With the CoronaVirus pandemic ending, Australia looks to get its economy back on track, and it is the best opportunity for Indians to improve their chances of migrating to Australia. The country is also experiencing a shortage in the skilled sector, and it looks to fill the gap by recruiting immigrants. 

Some in-demand jobs for migrants in Australia include – registered nurses, secondary school teachers, software and application programmers, civil engineering professionals, construction managers and more. Indians with expertise in these sectors can get an opportunity to fast-track their visa applications. Candidates can also apply for exemption from travel restrictions to enter Australia.

The Government recently introduced the “Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List” (PMSOL). According to the list, 44 occupations fall under critical skills required to support Australia’s economic recovery from Covid-19. People applying for General Skilled Migration Visa also have a nominated occupation on the PMSOL, which prioritizes their applications. 

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