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Australian Immigration Program 2023-24: Great Benefits For Indian Migrants


As global isolation ends after Covid-19, the Australian government is ready to welcome fresh immigrants. This country has always been the hottest destination for Indian immigrants because of the fantastic opportunities it provides. To address the post-pandemic economic recovery and meet the skill-shortage demand, the government has planned to upgrade both permanent migration programs and skilled visas. It will make immigration to Australia a seamless process.  

The level-up includes a permanent migration program to 195,000 from 160,000 for skilled and family visas. For skilled visas, the number is pushed to 142,400 from 79,600. Another significant upgrade counts for the Temporary skill shortage (TSS) program, wherein 482 subclass visas will be offered to allow people to apply for PR. They have also removed the age restrictions on 475 visa holders to ease the process of getting permanent residency. 

Why Does Australia Invite Immigrants?

By inviting immigrants from across the world, Australia aims to balance a range of social, economic and demographic objectives. Moreover, most immigration programs focus on Australia’s long-term national interest and meeting industry demands. The immigration program is a win-win formula for both migrants and the country. Here are some reasons why Australia invite immigrants:

  • To address workforce shortage and meet industry demands
  • Migrants contribute majorly to labour-market flexibility in Australia 
  • Migrants pay taxes and become social contributors to the country 
  • The country receives economic and technological boosts from the migrant force
  • Migrants significantly boost the working-age population in the country 
  • Skilled workers contribute to human capital development 
  • Migrants workers create a healthy competition with the native workforce
  • The flow of investment from migrants is crucial for economic recovery 

What are the Best Australian Immigration Programs?

Currently, India leads the way in the Australian immigrant population. It contributes to over 721,050 migrants population in Australia. Some of the most popular migration programs include:

You can apply for an immigration program visa based on your eligibility. Bilimoria & Associate is one of the top immigration consultants in Chennai, offering migration services. We can help you check your eligibility and let you choose the best suitable program.   

Benefits For Indian Migrants

Australia’s immigration policy is well-structured and straightforward. The Kangaroo land is also an attractive destination for investors and entrepreneurs looking to expand their horizons. That’s probably why more and more applicants are choosing to migrate to Australia than any other country. With changes in immigration policies, Indian migrants can have the following benefits:

  • Better Job Opportunities: Australia is one of the top countries to qualify overseas skilled workers and let them join their workforce. It is also looking to fill the job vacancies by accepting migrants and having them contribute to the nation’s economic and financial growth.   
  • The choice of Profession: Once migrants get their permanent residency, they can work in any profession except Public Service and Armed Forces. The rules and privileges for working in any industrial sector remain the same for Australian citizens and permanent residents.
  • High Standard of Living: Australia is known to offer excellent standards of living to its residents. Right from transportation facilities to education and hospitals, everything has easy access. Also, Australia does not compromise on the quality of facilities it offers its citizens and PR. 
  • Access to Healthcare: The country offers the right to healthcare to all its citizens. Even permanent residents can access healthcare under Medicare, which offers free or discounted medical treatment and medicines at government hospitals. 
  • Geography and Culture: The land down under has mesmerising natural beauty and many animals that are indigenous to their soils. Moreover, the climatic and weather conditions are pleasant all year round. Most importantly, this friendly culture of Australia is exceptionally welcoming to migrants and refugees.     

Eligibility Criteria for Australian PR in 2023

Here is a 6-step process to get the Australian PR in 2023:

  • Points: Under the Australian point grid, you must score over 65.
  • Age: Anyone below 45 can apply.
  • Language: You must achieve a minimum competency in the English test. 
  • Occupation: Your occupation must be listed in Australia’s demand list. 
  • Skills: Skill assessment will be based on your education and work experience.
  • Medical: You must prove good health and character. 

Why Hire an Australian Immigration Consultant in Chennai?

Migrating from one country to another for work or study can be confusing and stressful. With the legal documentation and information to deal with, the process can even get intimidating. This is where Bilimoria & Associate can help. 

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